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Digital Guacamole is a digital marketing agency focused on brand management and strategy, using social media platforms and analytics.

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Digital Guacamole (DG) offers solid digital marketing solutions from building your brand, growing your followers, and nurturing your market. We formulate effective campaigns and strategy, backed-up by data and analytics.

As a young agency, DG has already expanded its reach with projects in Asia and in North America, and a strong purpose to support businesses in the Health, Beauty and Wellness space.

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We are on a mission to create a powerful message for each and every brand that we serve, and to make sure that this is delivered to the right market who will find the most value in that message.
We hope to be the strategic and creative enabler for businesses to help them break through the global audience. We want to take part in creating a digital world where small players thrive alongside giant ones; where they are empowered to speak their message regardless of their financial backing; and where they are given a fair and level playing field to serve and enjoy their market share.

Integrity. Ingenuity. A Little Bit of Fun.
We value fun as much as we value integrity and ingenuity. We believe that we are most ingenuous and creative when we are happy, and our clients are happy, too! It follows that in keeping our clients satisfied, we will exercise integrity in our business dealings by being reliable and transparent. These values will always be in check in the way we do business.

Our fool-proof process that gets us hitting targets, everytime!

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Giving back to communities

Our business is committed to helping a non-profit educational institution for young children. Part of our earnings are contributed to this community in the Philippines, which pedagogy revolves around the holistic development of a child - culturally, socially, emotionally, physically and mentally. We believe that nation-building starts from establishing a better educational foundation for our children.

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